FAQ regarding Nemhandel eDelivery

Below you can find answers to several of the most frequently asked questions concerning the transition from NemHandel to eDelivery. The list will be updated continuously.

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  1. General information

    Question: Can a foreign company connect to Nemhandel? 

    Answer: To establish a direct connection to our public infrastructure Nemhandel, you must have a MitID business certificate. To obtain the MitID business certificate, visit MitID Erhverv website. However, as a foreign company, it may not be possible for you to obtain a MitID certificate directly. In this case, you will likely need to consider opening a Danish subsidiary or daughter company.


  2. Technical info about the infrastucture

    Question: AS4 configuration/parameters to be used in AP-to-AP document exchange?

    Answer: Nemhandel eDelivery follows the Peppol specificiations, except where explicitly noted in the Nemhandel eDelivery specification.
    The Nemhandel eDelivery specification will be released alongside the reference implementation.The main change relative to Peppol AS4 is that Nemhandel eDelivery requires a scheme validation (but not schematron validation) step as part of the AS4 transmission process, to ensure that the payload is well-formed XML of the appropriate class.

    Question: Corner 2 SML Lookup; what would be the URL to be used?

    Answer: Nemhandel eDelivery uses the eDelivery SML maintained by the European Commission.

    Question: SML to be used? 

    Answer: Nemhandel eDelivery uses the eDelivery SML maintained by the European Commission. The Danish Business Authority provides an SMP (Nemhandelsregisteret, NHR), which is free to use, and offers some functionality that is not available with a commercial SMP out of the box (such as integrations to the business registry, CVR). But nothing in the technical specifications prevents the use of a different SMP.

    Question: Certificate infrastructure?

    Answer: Currently the Danish MitID national signature and certificate infrastructure is supported. Support for Peppol certificates is expected in an upcoming release, but no specific date has been scheduled for it.

    Question: Onboarding/accreditation of Nemhandel Access Points?

    Answer: Currently no certification/onboarding is contemplated. Nemhandel eDelivery supports a higher level of technical traceability and integrity verification, which can take the place of organizational and bureaucratic controls.

    Question: Why does Nemhandel use a centralised SMP? 

    Answer: No final decision has been made on whether to allow multiple SMPs in Nemhandel eDelivery, but until and unless such a decision is formalized, the pre-existing regulation remains in force.

    Question: Is there a Testbed/accreditation procedure to obtain approval to operate an AP and/or SMP?  

    Answer: No. At the moment, only Nemhandelsregisteret is recognized as a Nemhandel SMP, but anyone is free to establish an access point. There is a process for accreditation as a standard bookkeeping solution, for which the system must be able to demonstrate Nemhandel capabilities (among other things). But it is possible to use Nemhandel without being a standard bookkeeping solution, in which case there is at present no approval process.

    Question: Nemhandel today contains endpoints and profiles for both receivers and senders. Will that remain so or will only receiver be published in the new setup? 

    Answer: As it is mandatory in Nemhandel to be able to receive a Message Level Response/Application Response, senders will still have to register. From a technical perspective, they will register as receivers of the MLR/AR, but for the moment, the existing profiles and choreographies are maintained unchanged. Profiles and choreographies will be overhauled as part of OIOUBL 3, but until then the current profiles and choreographies remain in force.

    Question: When will OIOUBL 3.0 document formats be published?  

    Answer: Initial drafts of major planned changes are expected to be published over the summer for the invoice and credit note documents. Release candidates to follow after a public hearing of the planned changes.

    Question: If you already use Oxalis for peppol what will Nemhandel change? 

    Answer: For the full list of specifications, please refere to the relevant documentation, found here

    The major novel features compared to Peppol eDelivery are:

    • Nemhandel currently requires the access point to sign with a MitID certificate, not a Peppol certificate. (The Danish Business Authority is investigating whether it is practicable to allow Peppol certificates to interact with the Nemhandel eDelivery network, but this determination has not yet been made.
    • Nemhandel access points are required to support a number of technical security features regarding traceability and authenticity/integrity of transmitted documents that are not supported by Peppol or Oxalis out of the box.
    • Nemhandel requires receiving access points to conduct schema validation prior to issuing a transport acknowledgment to the sending access point, and a full schematron validation prior to forwarding the payload to points downstream.
    • Nemhandel requires the receiving access point to return a Message Level Response/Application Response to the sender if the mandatory schematron check fails to validate in the receiving access point. For this reason, Nemhandel eDelivery also requires all senders to be capable of receiving MLR/AP documents.
    • Nemhandel requires access points to support OIOUBL documents and choreographies, which means using OIOUBL schematrons.

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